mercredi 1 juillet 2015

Who am I?

My name is Erika Cazaux. I was born in May 1982, in love with Life and a lot of questions about it.
Just before I turned thirty years old, I decided to express my existantial thoughts in an artistic way. But first, I used others tools.
In high school, philosophy encourages me to learn psychology. So, for seven years, I studied the human being psyche and finally I became a psychologist. During this time and after I graduated, I worked with young people who had special needs to learn. They had dyslexia, dysphasia, attention deficits, some emotional deprivation... they were autistic...

Sensitive to difference, the special cares and passionate by self-development, I defend the right to be ourselves.
Now, my main conviction is that every single human being has the right to be who he wants to be, who he is meant to be.

My dearest intention is to encourage all the people who wish to
reach their full potential and to be the best version of themselves. To me, art is a very good way to know ourselves, to express our true selves and eventually love ourselves.
The words are my tools ; I think they are very powerful and can help us to make the World a better place. With words, we can confort someone, we can show the light, we can do a lot of good things!I will edit the first and second volume of my book series Play Life in e-books very soon.
And I am convinced we can reduce oral and physical violence with an open communication. We could be more peaceful, couldn't we?

In July 2012, I created the label Lovin' Words and this blog to share with people my existential thoughts. 
After five years deepening them, very soon I will self-published the first and second volume of my e-book series Play Life. It is not translated yet. Someday, I hope.
I work on the sequels.

Copyright: © Erika Cazaux, 2013 
Creation: Jessica Subra

And I keep up sharing my existential thinking on this blog, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter.
To talk with me, you can:
- leave a comment on the blog;
- write to me to the e-mail address:

I can't wait to meet you, butterflies-friends. In the meantime, I wish you the best, take care.
From the deepest of my soul,

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