mardi 12 avril 2016

To make the world a better place...

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Since I was a child, I think a lot about the meaning of Life, I search to make sense to this world I usually don't understand. It's complicated for me to know where I belong. So I studied the human being psyche in hope to... grow up the way I wish and act for the greater good.
Many times, I tried to share my existantial thoughts with people. But I never succeded to make them hear my voice. I believe there is no such thing as a random event ; I was not ready yet, that's it. My shyness was stronger than my determination, until now!
Today, I am ready, I think, I hope. And I want to give a new beginning to my humble contribution to the world.
I think our society is not very warm, and I just don't mention terrorism in a lot of places of our beautiful planet, neither violence in name of racism, xenophobia, homophobia, misogyny... The lack of education, access to culture and encouragements to existential thoughts make the human being ignorant of the gravity of his acts. Even if he is aware of the horror of his behaviors, in his heart, he doesn't know...
He doesn't know that a huge pain guides him and hides him from the light.
He doesn't know that he is destined to create, not destroy.
He doesn' know that it's not necessary to recklessly destroy in order to (re)build.
He doesn't know that he can love himself because all the human beings are equals, and he is as lovable as anyone else.
He doesn't know that his self confidence was high enough, he would never do bad things to his brothers.
He doesn't know that it makes no sense to compare himself to the others, every single human being has a life purpose, and all the paths are good as long as it is ours.
He doesn't know that every single human being and every species are entitled to live in the Universe, and we are all connected.
He doesn't know that sometimes a warm word, a smile, a hug can erase the doubts, the fear, the pain.
Some trauma can explain some behaviors, but eventually can't excuse them. In the twenty first century, some fortunate human beings don't need to fight for their survival anymore, so they can choose to be the best versions of themselves. Mohandas Gandhi said: "Be the change you want to see in the world", right?

Today, many of us want a better world for our children, the next generations and ourselves.
I think the first thing to do is to take time to understand ourselves. When we know who we are, we can live in peace and we can act with kindness. Open communication is the best way to make the world more peaceful, isn't it? And don't we deserve it? Our beautiful planet, doesn't she deserve it?
The change, it's us, but first as individuals. Every single one of us, one stone after another, can help to build a bridge,  then a second, then a third... No matter what are our differences, we are all the same and connected, and more importantly, we are stronger together! For a sustainable change, let's unite our strengths, butterflies-friends.

Every day, I do my best to put Gandhi's teachings into practice, and today, it's time for me to share with the world what I understand about the human condition and Life. The words are my tools, to me they have super-powers : they can be loving, comforting, kind, peaceful, careful, liberator...
That's why I choose the name Lovin' Words for my label. I think you can understand now thant I want to be a part of sustainable change using kind words, because even if I believe Life is benevolant, it can also be challenging at times!
So, if you are interested by my thoughts, please follow me here and on Facebook, Instragram, Pinterest and Twitter. I can't wait to meet you, butterflies-friends, to place our firsts stones...
Building a bridge, we can do it, can't we?

From the deepest of my soul,

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